Our Story

Who is the Author?

It has always been a dream of Abigail Ayres to create a legacy for her posterity and she has done exactly that through publishing this collection. Abi graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Liberal Arts. One of her biggest passions is learning new things. As a world traveler, a teacher, a reader and a collector of children's literature for almost 20 years, Abi has learned the joy of teaching children important life lessons by simple stories connected to different colors. She currently lives in Traverse City, Michigan with her husband, Ammon and their two beautiful children.
Likes: Vacations, dancing, laughing, eating good food, watching movies, and being with friends and family.

Dislikes: Being too hot or too cold, pumpkin pie, maroon, mold, waking up groggy, sand, and doing the dishes.

Who is the Illustrator?

Clarissa Lewis Anderson is an artist from the very beautiful Traverse City, Michigan. She recently graduated from Brigham Young University in Studio Art and now lives with her husband Andy and son in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Likes: Cream on everything, singing Opera, swimming in West Bay, riding carnival rides, sewing her own clothes, pink cotton candy, dance parties, and chapstick.

Dislikes: Scary movies, mean people, spiders, and chapped lips.


"Gold" is not your typical story, it's a "list poem"... What is a list poem?

The books in A Collection of Colors are not typical stories, they are actually called List Poems. These types of poems have been around for a long time. They are very fun to write, just pick a subject and start your list.

What made you want to publish a children's book?


What is the story behind A Collection of Colors?

During Abi’s last semester at Utah State University she took a creative writing class. They were given an assignment to write a "List Poem" about a color of their choice. The poem had to be less than a page long, double spaced. She chose to write about the color brown. Seven years later, after the birth of her first child she quit working full time and decided to start writing more List Poems. She read them to her family and they inspired her to publish them. She made them into children’s books and "Gold" is the first in the series.

What books can I expect next?

This has been the most difficult decision to make. We are not sure which book will come out next, however here are a few that are queued up: 

Green, Maroon, Brown, Mint, Black, and White

If you want to help us figure out which book should be next, comment on our Facebook page or Instagram what book would you like to see next?

When does the next book launch?

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What does it mean to self publish a book?

 When you write a book, you have two options to get it to market for people to buy. The first option is sending it out to different publishing houses. They decide whether or not they want it, pay you and take the rights.

The second option is to take the reigns and do everything yourself, or self publish. This means that you have to put the work in yourself by marketing, advertising, getting reviews and selling your own book. It is very difficult, but doable. If you believe in yourself enough and work smart, you can do anything you put your mind to. 

As a self published author the more followers we get and the more books we sell, the lower our costs will be, and the lower the book will cost. We bank our business on readers and customers. We pride ourselves in building small business and being part of that community.

We thank you all for your continued support and help in making our dreams a reality. 

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Where can I purchase “Gold”?